WHY CHRIS MORROW MATTERS; Global Journalist Making A Difference
sunYou will find journalist/film maker Chris Morrow in the heart of the fray with Haitian earthquake victims and interviewing Syrian Refugees coming off the boats landing in Lesbos, Greece. She is no desk reporter, instead she opts to dive into location and dig deep for the human interest stories that make the news relatable to people from all walks of life. For several decades now Chris Morrow has been bringing her award winning journalism, photography and film making to the public eye as a CNN news iReporter, and documentarian through her vast social media network. As of today Ms. Morrow has over 11.2 thousand tweets, and over 523,000 followers (see @morrowchris) She is a unique professional bringing to the forefront relatable human stories arising from world events that educate and inspire readers everywhere.

At her core, Ms. Morrow is a most trusted CNN iReporter documenting the world. She has focused the last 9 months of her work reporting and working hands on in the field with humanitarian Dr. Alison Thompson, of FAARM.org and Third Wave Volunteers as Dr. Thompson gives love and light to Syrian Refugees landing in the refugee camps in Greece. Ms. Morrow met Dr. Thompson during the Haitian Earthquake crisis while Dr. Thompson was providing aide and Ms. Morrow was iReporting for CNN. The two found they were kindred spirits and Ms. Morrow set on a mission to make sure she continued to report on Dr. Thompson’s humanitarian work in Haiti and beyond. Dr. Thompson discovered Professor Alice Chun’s inflatable solar lanterns – the SolarPuff through Solight-Design’s charitable work bringing these sustainable solar lights to Haitian earthquake victims as part of Solight’s maiden Kickstarter campaign. The synergy of Ms. Morrow’s reporting, Dr. Thompson’s humanitarian work and Professor Chun’s solar light invention is undeniable.

sunMs. Morrow throws a giant spotlight on Dr. Thompson’s work to bring SolarPuffs to the Syrian, Iraqi, and Afghanistan refugees trying to survive and regroup in the Greek refugee camps. Without Ms. Morrow’s trusted reporting, such effort could simply be a tree falling in the middle of the forest. Instead Ms. Morrow continues to bring Dr. Thompson’s work and Solight-Design’s SolarPuffs to the forefront of the World news.

“Working for the Houston Chronicle at 18 sparked my love of storytelling. Following my heart and iReporting for CNN in Haiti was a turning point of my career and my desire to truly make a difference. Documenting life has always been my focus.” explains Ms. Morrow.”

Ms. Morrow has made several trips to the refugee camps in Greece with Dr. Thompson and more trips are in the works. Ms. Morrow is also following closely www.Faarm.org’s launch of its 10 Million Rays of LightTM Campaign launching in the next few weeks from Seattle, WA USA. Ms. Morrow was with Dr. Thompson, Professor Chun and the entire FAARM and Solight-Design Team at the May 15, 2016 first content capture for the Campaign at the Columbia City Theater in Seattle. A world traveler, Chris Morrow can keep it light and fun as she covers the Baseball All Star Game festivities this week in San Diego, CA and she can dig deep and uncover the true grit of one of our greatest humanitarians – Dr. Alice Thompson. Simply put, Chris Morrow matters.


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