The Wang Report; It’s A Life Style Thing

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Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 2.24.58 AMThis story is about my family’s journey to reduce our electricity bill and help save the planet.  My name is Cameron and I am here to tell you that it started when we looked at the letter that comes every few months for the electric bill.  You know the letter – the one where it shows a bar graph of your neighbor’s power use and your bar graph line is always twice as big as all your neighbors combined.  We knew we could do better.  Actually we got shamed into it.  Excessive use of electricity is a waste.  We know that. But turning the light switches on at night, leaving the TV on, keeping that hot tub bubbling even in the middle of summer heat and standing there with the fridge door open for what can be an eternity has been integral to our American life style.  We know in our hearts we should be reducing our carbon footprint.  We know global warming is real.  We just get well…..lazy.

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 2.25.11 AMSo enough was enough.  We kept reading about Solight-Design and FAARM sending SolarPuffs to people in need all around the world.  We received pictures and videos of villagers in Africa and Nepal hanging their SolarPuffs in the sun for 8 hours for 12 hours of light at night.  Villagers pluck these wonderful inflatable sustainable solar lanterns at dusk from clothes lines and take them into their huts and tents and homes to light up their evening for cooking and reading and socializing and more.

If they can do it why can’t our American families?  So we got 20 SolarPuffs and put them out in in our sunroom and on our deck to absorb the Seattle sun – and yes there IS sun in Seattle but it is a best kept secret!  Every day we put the SolarPuffs out and every evening we took them in and distributed them around the house and turned them on.  We disciplined ourselves to hold off on flicking on that light switch.  We read books to the light of SolarPuffs just like children in Africa that same night were doing their nightly homework with donated SolarPuffs from the Solight-Design give/ get program.

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 2.25.26 AMScreen Shot 2016-08-09 at 2.25.36 AMAnd low and behold after two months of this effort with the SolarPuffs the electricity bill showed up in the mail and we had saved 22% on our light bill.  Success!  If we can do it anyone can.  I urge everyone to challenge themselves and light up their lives with renewable solar inflatable SolarPuff lanterns – the kind you don’t need to blow up with your mouth on a tube – SolarPuffs pop up themselves and brighten your night while helping save the planet.  And news flash – we are still using our SolarPuffs.  We don’t even think about it anymore.  It’s a lifestyle thing now.


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