The Wang Report

The Little Light That Could – The Twilight Shines BrightRetail spoke loudly to Solight-Design. The told us they wanted to sell Solight-Design self inflating solar lanterns but need the price point to resonate with their customers. So I made some calls, did some research and found the perfect product development/ manufacture partner for this new product. The result is our newest solar inflatable lantern – the Twilight. The Twilight is a smaller version of the SolarPuff that packs 45 lumens. The dimensions are 3.5×3.5×3.5 inches. The most important feature is the price point allows for mass marketing in North America and around the globe. The Twilight is perfect for all big box retail stores and buyers are waiting in eager anticipation of having a self inflating solar powered light that packs flat and is utterly hygienic; no pool toy blow tubes with this wonderful powerful cost friendly Twilight. The Twilight embraces Solight-Design’s signature elegant design standards, priority to use recycled materials whenever possible, and powerful sustainable solar lighting. Together we hold the sun in our hands with the Twilight – coming soon to a retail store near you.

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