SolarPuff Stories; From The Refugee Camps In Greece

Nestled amongst the green trees of Mount Olympia and protected by the Ancient Greek Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 1.42.11 AMGods of yesterday is a special refugee camp of Yazedi people who have touched my heart and become part of our and SolarPuff family. 

These families (most Muslim but also many Christians among them) had escaped a brutal genocide in Iraq on August 3rd 2014 when Isis surrounded their cities and murdered over 5000 men and captured 3000 women to use as sex slaves. The Yazidi mothers also reported their daughters as young as even their 9-year old girls were forced to marry Isis fighters and since then no-one has heard from these 3000 women in 2 years. I remembered watching the story on CNN years ago when Isis had them surrounded on a mountain top and the US Military helicopters were trying to rescue them and I had felt so helpless to help them.

Listening to story after story was heart breaking and many tears and hugs were shared but that night we lit up this dark refugee camp with 1000 solar puff lights in solidarity with the refugees who we share our humanity with. Everyone was excited about the solar lights and we spent hours sharing love and playing with 700 kids which is always a fun part of the mission. On leaving the camp we gave a few of the elderly Yazidi women beautiful fans to use in the heat and we received a funny reaction when they opened the fans and said ” this is a very strange idea!!”

The Yazidi camp is being run by Steve Maman and his volunteers at CYCI NGO and they are Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 1.42.24 AMdoing great work to bring the Yazidi’s together into one camp.

We are thankful to everyone who donated to help us bring the SolarPuff inflatable lanterns for this trip.  We are especially thankful to Operation Blessing International who have supported us on many trips. The missions to bring these amazing solar powered inflatable lanterns – SolarPuff continue throughout the 18 camps in Greece so please continue to donate to bring light to the Syrian, Iraqi and Afghanistan refugees on the Solight and if you want a tax deduction the FAARM websites.

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 1.42.38 AMA huge thank you to Chris Morrow, who has not only been documenting the SolarPuff donation trips but has been a great encouraging volunteer herself. Our next trip will include Alice, the inventor of the original inflatable sustainable solar lantern – the SolarPuff along with singer songwriter Ruby Stewart who will be singing her song “One Light” for the refugee children in the camp.

Love and Light

Dr. Alison Thompson

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