Live@Work; Glamping With SolarPuffs

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Last month, I had the great fortune to attend a wonderful event called Life@Work Culture Conference  hosted by Live in the Grey, a movement that challenges the work-life divide by helping individuals discover authentic work and helping companies build fulfilling, impactful and connected cultures.. Solight Design was a proud sponsor and provided 120 SolarPuffs to light up their “glamping tent village.” As a rough-and-ready car camper, it was much more high-end camping than I am used to. With mattresses provided by Tuft & Needle, air conditioning and lovely carpeting, it truly put the “glam” in “glamping”.

I digress, now back to the conference itself. The Life@Work Culture Conference  brought together human resources professionals, innovative C-suite executives and other culture thought leaders to share inspiring and actionable advice on creating authentic workplaces where people can bring their whole selves to work every day. Some of the companies represented include Warby Parker, Etsy, Runa, Birchbox, Hubspot, Google and Greenhouse. The most interesting commonality among all of the speakers is their love and respect for their respective company’s mission. Their job is to make certain that there is an authentic match with the people they hire – to be authentic to their company culture and to the goals of their employees.

This is something Alice and I have made our number one priority at Solight Design.  We are a for-profit social good company. Our mission is to provide light where it is needed most. We have a small team but each person is dedicated to the mission of designing sustainable solar lights and providing them where they can do the most social good offering a simple sustainable resource powered by the sun. To date we, with the help of our customers and other organizations, we have shipped over 12,000 lights to the Refugee camps in Greece and thousands more to Haiti, Nepal, Ecuador, Ghana, Senegal and many points in between.

Solar inflatable lanterns are the wave of the future in both developing countries and here at home in the USA.  We reduced our carbon footprint while glamping for heaven’s sake!  How cool is that.  But we can all reduce global warming by using SolarPuffs at night instead of going on auto pilot flicking on light switches.  We can be just like the villagers we send lights to in India, Nepal and Africa and join the world movement to address carbon emissions and as I have again witnessed while Glamping  – do it with style and grace. Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 2.14.25 AM

It is with your help that we can stay true to our mission. By providing beautiful products to the first world market we are able to also provide the same products to places across the globe without access to clean sustainable light. You help us share the light.

Light and love to you all.

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